Hamberger Swiss Pyrotechnics AG


We are a company that was founded in 1863 with 10 employees which deals with pyrotechnics and related fields. In 1989 the company was incorporated into the German industrial and services group Piepenbrock and in 2013 it passed into the hands of Société Suisse des Explosifs SA, which has its headquarters in Gamsen near Brig, in the Swiss canton of Vallais.

The success story begins in 1863 with the founding of the company by Professor Johann-Rudolf Hamberger at Lake Brienz and the illumination of the Giessbach Falls with Bengal flares. By 1875 the firm had outgrown its first business premises and it relocated to the Moos site (65,000 m²) near Oberried on Lake Brienz. In 1881 the first Hamberger firework lit up the night sky in the spa gardens of Interlaken and in 1897 it was the King of Siam who was captivated by the unique pyrotechnic art of the Swiss. The state visit of the German Kaiser in 1912 ended with a mighty Hamberger masterpiece on Lake Zurich.

In 2014 the new premises in Spiez were inaugurated, which are located within the site of Nitrochemie Wimmis AG.

As of October 2018, the fireworks division was sold to SUGYP Swiss Pyrotechnics.