Although we no longer put on firework displays, we still manufacture certain firework specialities.


Without exaggeration, our ball rockets are by far the most beautiful rockets available on the consumer market, perhaps even the most beautiful firework effect of all. They can be let off by anyone over 18 and without special training.

The effect carrier is a 100 mm spherical bomb, which is otherwise used for large professional firework displays. The effect is accordingly huge in diameter, of above-average duration and unparalleled intensity.

The ball rocket is available in the following effects:

  • Coloured stars
  • Gold to green flare
  • Silver to ruby-red flare
  • Crystal waterfall to sapphire blue

Firework Display Shows

The fireworks division was sold to SUGYP SA in Grandson as of October 2018. Hamberger continues to support SUGYP in the preparation and execution of the fireworks.