for ceremonial purposes

State receptions, royal birthdays, on the occasion of Ramadan celebrations, public holidays, commemorations, traditional events, etc: On a wide variety of occasions, the importance of the event is underlined and highlighted with gun salutes. They are without exception blank shots without a projectile, which merely produce a report, possibly in conjunction with smoke.

Hamberger manufactures both the guns and the corresponding munitions in various calibres and successfully distributes them worldwide.

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Saluting Brochure
Saluting gun "Al-Khaleej" or "Barbara"

Salut Guns

"Al-Khaleej" or "Barbara"

This is our largest most impressive and most decorative gun. The design can be adapted to individual customer requirements.

The barrel can be manufactured in various colours, and can be mounted on a steel or decorated timber gun carriage with steel/rubber or wooden wheels, depending on requirements.

It is even possible to engrave elaborate logos into the barrel or on to the gun carriage.

The following calibres are available:

  • 75 mm
  • 88 mm (25-pounder)
Factsheet Saluting Gun
Saluting gun M 635

Saluting Gun M 635

The M635 is a gun type which was already in use during the Second World War. Built as an exact replica of the original, this gun is a reliable partner for traditional gun salutes.

The M635 is available in 75 mm calibre.

Factsheet Saluting Gun
Saluting cartridges in aluminium and brass with packaging

Saluting cartridges

in various calibres and degrees of loudness

We also manufacture the corresponding saluting munitions for our guns. The customer has the choice of four calibres and two different shell casing materials. Depending on the use, a higher or lower sound pressure level may be required.

Our saluting munition fires smokelessly, which is a great advantage in the maintenance of the gun. In addition, the shooting place does not become smoke-logged after firing multiple shots.

But we are also able to produce munitions with smoke – even coloured smoke.


  • 3-pounder (47 mm)
  • 75 mm
  • 25-pounder (88 mm)
  • 105 mm

Casing materials:

  • Brass
  • Aluminium (anodised on request)

Sound pressure in dB(A) I max peak @ 15 m:

  • Approx. 138 dB
  • Approx. 155 dB
  • Approx. 161 dB (only brass)

The saluting cartridges can be manufactured in hazardous goods class 1.4C. This means that they can even be transported in cargo aircraft.

Please contact us for more information, we will be pleased to show you the possibilities.

Factsheet 75 mm Factsheet 25 pdr (88 mm) Factsheet 105 mm Factsheet Saluting Cartridges