Bangers / Noise generators

We manufacture all sorts of bangers. The object of these products is usually:

  • The targeted dispersal of animals
  • The simulation of situations, where in an emergency, live or even dangerous products are used.
  • The economic and realistic training in the handling of essentially louder, more expensive and dangerous products.

Here is a selection of our products:

Howling petards and Thunderflashes

Practice Fuzes blank

26.5 mm blank cartridge

Howling petards and thunderflashes

These products are used by the infantry to simulate various combat situations under realistic conditions. Both product types produce coloured smoke and then a bang during a specified delay time; the howling petard also makes a howling sound during the delay period.

Practice Fuze blank cartridge

The Practice Fuze blank cartridge is an exercise fuse for the RUAG Ammotec hand grenade, which is in use in the Swiss Army, among others. With this economic training method, only the blank cartridge needs to be replaced after an exercise, the projectile can be reused.

This is an economic, realistic and safe training option (no fragmentation) for armies and special forces.

26.5 mm blank cartridge

This blank cartridge is shot out of a weapon and is used for bird scaring at airports and airfields. Birds are chased away by means of a violent flash-bang combination to prevent birds being startled by the aircraft noise, colliding with aircraft and getting into the turbines.

The great advantage of our 26.5 mm blank cartridge is that it does not contain any metal parts, which could also get into the turbines and cause great damage.

In use with BTEE SA.